S03E13 - Magical Mystery Cure
February 9th, 2013, 1:24 pm

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Parfait d'Amour, February 9th, 2013, 1:24 pm

Air Date: February 16, 2013

"Twilight Sparkle accidentally casts a spell that switches the Cutie Marks and destinies of all her friends, and the only way she can reverse the spell is by writing her own magic. Little does she know that by achieving this great accomplishment, she will fulfill her destiny and emerge a princess."

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Tijopi11, February 9th, 2013, 1:30 pm ( Reply )

Excitment... excitement everywhere o_o

TouhouShake, February 9th, 2013, 1:38 pm ( Reply )

Seems legit.

.:AuraX:., February 9th, 2013, 2:19 pm ( Reply )

Fulfill her destiny, and become a princess...

for less than a day, just enough time to fix things and turn back to normal

Irene the SeedrianRabbit, February 9th, 2013, 3:22 pm ( Reply )

Considering Season 3 has been nearly flawless after its first 2 episodes, I have faith that this one will turn out just as good as the previous ones.

Have faith, fandom. It could be worse. Twilight could be an acorn.

MuhammadIguana, February 9th, 2013, 7:28 pm ( Reply )

shush jarkes, this season has been perfectly good.

I for one welcome our new Twilight overlord.
I really don't see the point of everyone whining about alicorn twilight - plot development and changes happen.

MuhammadIguana, February 10th, 2013, 4:29 pm ( Reply )

Ah, ok, I thought you were saying that Irene was wrong when she said it was a good season.

I'm a little concerned how they'll do it too, but I know I won't be majorly fazed by it unless it's REALLY out of nowhere and silly.

Great to know we'll get another season! =D
Oh, and hello twilight theme~<3

TouhouShake, February 16th, 2013, 10:05 am ( Reply )

My only question is this...
What are they going to do if they want to see Twilight everyday?

.:AuraX:., February 16th, 2013, 1:26 pm ( Reply )

sacrifice themselves to the rain gods

Irene the SeedrianRabbit, February 16th, 2013, 2:07 pm ( Reply )

I just... huh.

That could've gone better. Not to say I didn't enjoy the songs and seeing Celestia or whatnot, but the princess coronation thing felt so rushed. Sure, things are looking fine at this point, but the ending where everyone's singing about how everything's gonna be just fine is just BEGGING for something terrible and threatening to come and destroy the kingdom.

I don't know. But really, I expected Twilight to at least be more questionable or skeptic towards the whole 'princess' title. It just came out of nowhere, and although we all knew it was coming, there wasn't much to make from the situation. It's like you win the lottery - but then you come to the conclusion that having so much money now, you have no idea what to do with it, people who know you are probably gonna try to get their share of the money, and once your name is announced in public, everyone else is gonna become an envious dick bag towards you. THERE IS NO CONSEQUENCE HERE. NO SECOND THOUGHTS. It's just like -- "Hey Twilight, you no longer have to be the socially awkward, adorkable, unicorn self that the fanbase got to love over the course of the series. You get to become a Hasbro product, designed as a role model for girls, because every girl wants to be a princess, right?"

I wouldn't mind so much, but -- Oh.
Oh, they spent WAY too much time with the songs, didn't they...

Irene the SeedrianRabbit, February 16th, 2013, 2:15 pm ( Reply )

I just watched this:

And now I feel better. :)


No... No, no - wait, no I don't. :(

TouhouShake, February 16th, 2013, 2:26 pm ( Reply )

@Irene the SeedrianRabbit: I'm with you sister. This episode felt like it was just a product episode for Hasbro. I would hate it if they just used Discord twice in the whole series with a so called "thing" he's needed in. And i'd like to see Sombre return with a vengance or something. Maybe some more valiant moments for Shining Armor, rather then the damsel in distress.

Though I feel this sadly could be the last episode ever. '^^^'

TheUntitledOne, February 16th, 2013, 2:48 pm ( Reply )

Ok, I'll be honest here. You haven't exactly had any stellar hits this season MLP. But you got one more chance to win me back. Otherwise I've lost all faith. So go ahead, wow me.
*It's a musical episode*
Welp, fuck.

Let me just state this out loud for all to hear. Most of the songs from this show still make me cringe, and none moreso than this episode. This was another case where I just really struggled to get through without smashing my face in the wall. It was just.... ugh, and honestly, that's all I hate about this episode.

The story itself is kinda interesting. But it's really overshadowed by all the singing and I keep thinking it's falling back into that little-girl-show aspect. Hey, i'm all for this new alicorn Twilight thing, I think it opens up a lot of new possible stories, so long as the writers are careful with it. Maybe this just wasn't the best way to introduce it...

so yea, this episode and to be honest this entire season? Not exactly the best. I think ChadRocco's DA webcam ( ) perfectly explains the situation i'm in. Most of the charm the show once had feels gone, and it's nothing but toy promotion now, and I know the writers are doing their best to incorporate it in a believable way. But the balance just isn't working that well.

Sorry to say, but i'm NOT looking forward to the next season. Needless to say I'll still watch it (This is one of those shows where having your own individual opinion is interesting) but I'll keep wondering why...

Hey, at least Gravity Falls is there to cheer me up.

Parfait d'Amour, February 16th, 2013, 10:28 pm ( Reply )

Finished watching.


Irene the SeedrianRabbit, February 16th, 2013, 10:32 pm ( Reply )

I'll admit though; the premise of the episode is actually kinda cool. I like the idea of having the mane six have their destinies changed and for Twilight to write her own magic in order to fix everything. The problem is the alicorn thing got introduced a little early and at the worst possible time. The first 14 minutes were fine, only the songs were incredibly grating (although I did sort of like the song where Twilight was being all mopey & emo) and should've just been saved for a two-parter episode instead. Heck, the episode would've much better with just the 'True, true friend" song or "Celestia's Ballad" - which was EPIC beyond all reason by the way - and if the Alicorn reveal would've been kept a secret by Hasbro. It would've made a much stronger impact. Not only that, but if the episode ended on a cliffhanger, where Twilight would have wings and Celestia would reveal that she's become a princess and everyone would gasp -- it'd be more intense and excite people a lot more.

Granted, the fanbase would also rage quit like it has been doing for the past several weeks since the episode's biggest moment was leaked onto the internet, but it'd still be better than having the episode just end with a coronation and cheesy ass girly speeches.

Jiminy Crickets. If they wanted to do the coronation, do it next season, particularly in a two-parter opener where Twilight has time to react and ask questions and work off the situation. Perhaps there might even be an oppuratunity to work in another threat into the midst. It wouldn't have to be Sombra or Chrysalis either, but maybe some form of dragon revolution going about, or a war - maybe Celestia's phoenix could fly in delivering the news to the princesses, and that'd be like Twilight's first test regarding politics.

Wouldn't that be fun, kids?

... HELL IF I KNOW. Still better than what we got.

Kirbysmith [DJ], February 17th, 2013, 3:19 am ( Reply )

Although this was an okay episode and wasn't as bad as some of us thought it would be, it didn't quite hit the standard that was already established by other season finales, and the presentation could've been done much, MUCH better (e.g. a two-part episode so the plot wouldn't seem as rushed; less songs; not revealed the coronation ahead of time).

Although most two-part episodes involved powerful villains, I felt that this episode deserved two parts as well, what with all the events happening in it INCLUDING Twilight Sparkle becoming a princess in the end.

While the songs themselves were okay, they seemed too frequent to me and consumed most of the half-hour finale, making it seem shorter than it already is. If you ask me, they tried to use the songs to quickly transition from one part of the story to the next, as well as to convey powerful scenes such as Twilight's despair. It might've worked if the episode was longer. But in this case, it just fell flat on it's face, and I found myself screaming "Another song?! But we just got out of one ten seconds ago!"

Last but not least, we have Twilight becoming a princess. Instead of Hasbro blurting the news out ahead of time and causing resentment among some bronies, they should have kept it a secret. It would've been just as stupid if Hasbro had blurted out a month before the Canterlot Wedding that Queen Chrysalis would be disguised as Cadence. If you hadn't heard all the hype about the coronation, Twilight becoming a princess, and Twilight fulfilling her destiny, this actually might've been a real shocking surprise. Again, another plan that fell flat on it's face.

I'm not gonna lie. I'd love to see what new adventures await Twilight Sparkle, how will being a princess will affect her everyday life, and whether or not we'll see Spike in a cute little butler costume. But until then, we are left with this one episode to bid us farewell to another ponyful season.




ServantofCygnus, March 8th, 2013, 2:34 pm ( Reply )

and I love alicorn twilight.

concerned brony (Guest), June 24th, 2013, 7:01 am ( Reply )

uh, guys? hasbro took the video down for copyright.

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