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S04E12 - Pinkie's Pride
S04E12 - Pinkie's Pride

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Friendship is Magic - The Pony Posting Place

Welcome, one and all to the Pony Posting Place! Here, bronies and pony lovers can all get together to share their art and talk about the show and other pony stuff! We accept all mediums of art, from spriting to drawing to sculpting. We're ALWAYS happy to see new faces, too! If you'd like to join, see our rules and application stuff bellow!


ITT: OP is twilight

so yeah
as you've probably noticed i've been cleaning the episode discussions
mostly cause it'll be easier for me to change all the embeds when the primary channel gets blocked and cause i'm so goddamn organized
seriously the older discussion pages are just plain uncouth

i also kept some of the original author comments under the embeds cause i don't want you people blaming me for deleting your precious tl;dr comments

oh yeah
you can still post embeds ahead of me on newer episodes just in case i oversleep or something BUT FOR GOD'S SAKE USE THE 640X360 SIZE EMBED
cause the others are either too small or too big :I

let me know if i messed up anything
which i probably did anyway considering me

P.S. pinkie best pony

posted by lern2surture @ January 17th, 2012, 7:56 am  -  0 comments

Halfway through the wait

If you lasted this long, then you've made it to the halfway point till episode 3 airs. If you have survived this long, good for you. Hang in there. I created a Rainbow Dash skin for you all to enjoy, it's the New Rainbow Dash as well, so it's modern too!

Actually, mean reason is because Halloween is around the corner. If you want a theme for something to draw, I advise go with Ponies in Halloween Costumes, or just Ponies in costumes. I'm sure the upcoming "Nightmare Night" episode might give you some inspiration. But if you want to Draw Twilight Sparkle as a Vampire, Fluttershy as a tree or something along those lines. Do so.

posted by Celestial_Wolf @ October 6th, 2011, 4:50 am  -  0 comments

Input for an upcomming set of Comics...

I have a plan for a set of comics where the main cast meet with six of the internet's interpretation of them. So I am asking you which version of themselves you would want them to meet. I got a few I definitely plan on using but feel free to give me suggestions.

-MLP Abridged

-Friendship is Witchcraft

-My Little Pony: The (Abridged) Mentally Advanced Series

Pinkie Pie
-My Little Pony: The (Abridged) Mentally Advanced Series

Twilight Sparkle
-My Little Pony: The (Abridged) Mentally Advanced Series

Rainbow Dash
-Shipped with Everyone

posted by AkumaTh @ September 15th, 2011, 11:57 pm  -  8 comments

Now with Categories...

Decided to split everything up into categories so finding something you're interested in can be easier to do. The Following Categories are...

RULES: Any Rules go in this section.

COMICS: Comics (Drawn or Sprited) go in this section.

ARTWORK: Artwork goes in here.

SPRITES: Sprites (Background or Characters) goes in here.

OTHER: This is where anything that doesn't fit with the above goes to. Like photoshopped work, images found online or random images.

posted by AkumaTh @ May 20th, 2011, 11:29 am  -  0 comments

Going Public

I've opened this series for everyone who wants to join now. So sign up and let's spread some Magic.

posted by Celestial_Wolf @ May 19th, 2011, 9:40 am  -  0 comments

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